Aesthetics in Science

Find out what colors might work well for scientific figures (Adobe colors). Inspiration for colorbars may be found here.

This is an interesting blog on how to plot prettier using matlab. Additional matlab functions and inspirations on plotting are provided by Hadley Wickham

Mathworks also provides a great variety of plotting examples for nice graphics including matlab code (link).


Teaching objectives might help the student to focus his/her learning process and may help the teacher to structure a lecture.

Language shapes how we think about the world

Cognitive neuroscientists often use metaphors borrowed from information processing to describe how brains/humans work. Read an essay about potential problems.

Read about potential problems how the word attention is sometimes used in cognitive neuroscience.

Writing in Science

How to write a review for a paper? The twelve tips for reviewers found here reflect helpful instructions as well.

Need a starting point on how to structure and write a paper (link)?