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+ New tutorial on linear-nonlinear models (2016-07-09)

I have just finished a new tutorial on linear-nonlinear Poisson models. Since I had trouble understanding these models for forever (and still have for some aspects of it), I thought a simple tutorial explaining step-by-step the main stages involved as well as providing matlab code along with it might help somebody who is new to the topic and wants to get started.

You can find the tutorial here.

+ Awesome! Neurobiology of Aging accepted my recent work (2016-05-08)

In the manuscript titled "Altered Temporal Dynamics of Neural Adaptation in the Aging Human Auditory Cortex" we show that aging goes hand in hand with an increased auditory cortex response magnitude, reduced response variability, a larger dynamic response range, and reduced sensitivity to temporal context. Modelling neuronal activity suggested that neurons in the aged auditory cortex recover faster from adaptation, leading to the observed age effects.

Check out the details here

+ Wöstmann, Herrmann, Maess & Obleser just accepted in PNAS (2016-02-26)

Title: "The spatiotemporal dynamics of auditory attention synchronize with speech" will be available in PNAS soon. Here we show that the spatio-temporal modulations of alpha power are predictive of speech recognition in a multi-stream situation.

+ New paper accepted, written by Henry, Herrmann, & Obleser (2015-12-02)

Title: "Neural microstates govern perception of auditory input without rhythmic structure" will be available in the Journal of Neuroscience soon. The study shows how complex neural phase patterns across frequency bands are associated with changes in behavioral performance in non-rhythmic acoustic contexts.

Research opportunities

I am currently a postdoc in the lab of Dr. Ingrid S. Johnsrude at the University of Western Ontario (Canada). We are often looking for interested and motivated undergraduate volunteers who are excited to gain experience in research and science. Please check out the lab webpage for further information.